Eight well lit, clean, heated bays in a secure building. Self serve is on a time basis so no change is needed! We offer at no extra charge, glass cleaner, air fresheners, fabric cleaners, soap (for pail washing), clean towels, air guns, compressed air for your tires, sponges, scrub pads, squeegees and brushes. Everything you need to perfect the inside and outside of your vehicle.


When you arrive: Take a ticket from the yellow ticket machine beside the entrance, this will automatically open the door for you.

    Pull into your favorite bay.

Pre-soak -  We suggest starting with the pre-soak, this will cut through road grime and remove particles from the surface.

Tire and engine cleaner - Not just for tires and engines, a strong soap with grease cutting action, excellent for cutting through tough road grime and removing built up film.

Foam brush - Soft bristled brush with a foaming lubricating soap, helps remove stuck on film and stains, also effective for dissolving bugs, tar and tree sap. Use on entire vehicle before using to scrub wheels.

Soap - The best quality soap available and lots of it coupled with hot water and high pressure, the best way to clean your vehicle.

Rinse - Hot, high pressure, filtered, soft water with an added rince compound to spped up dry times and reduce spotting.

Wax - Pure carnauba wax mixed with a polymer based synthetic wax. Carnauba wax gives your vehicles paint the ultimate shine, nothing is better but it wears off which is where the polymer based based wax comes in, long lasting shine with excellent UV protection to prevent paint from fading. When both are used you can count on a deep glossy shine that last for a long time. Our wax comes out hot and at high pressure to force its way into the small scratches that can develop in paint to leave your ride looking great. We suggest spraying your vehicle slowly to ensure that the wax has a chance to pentrate all the cracks and crevasses.

Dry - Clean towels are located in the office. Dry and polish wipe down your windows and paint, wheels and anything else you want. Air guns are located on the wall to blow out your locks door jambs and window sills so you don't freeze up in the cold.

Vaccum - Vacuums are located in each bay and are wet/dry capable. Loonie vacuums are located outside.

Upholstery - Ask for some upholstery cleaner, just spray on and vacuum off to remove spots and stains in your seats and carpet.

Dash, doors, vinyl and leather - We have all purpose cleaner for all surfaces of your interior, removes gums and varnishes from stickers spills etc.

Glass and other hard surfaces - Sapphire cleaner for windows, and trim. Cuts through smoke film finger prints and almost everything else. Will even remove some oversprays.

Odors - Cherry scented odor remover takes away unwanted smells, including cigarettes. Air fresheners are sold in the office to take with you in 20 different varieties.

When you are done: Bring your ticket to the office,  and don't forget to get your car wash card stamped. Leave through the exit door, we'll open it for you and wave good bye...till we see you again!